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At Universe-Tech, your order is completely customizable- from product style, color, size and branding through accessories, data services and packaging. Every aspect of your order can be custom tailored to your precise specifications.
** To fulfill all of your gift/premium needs, we now also carry other promotional products such as: Pens, Keychains, Mouse Pads...etc; with high quality and low price guaranteed!
● Step 1: Configuring Your Order
The steps below can serve as a basic guide for configuring an order. Please refer to individual product pages for information on options and limitations, and don't hesitate to ask your sales representative for further clarification.

Choose Your Product
We offer a wide variety of USB and memory products, each available in a variety of models, colors, sizes and shapes, and all of which can be customized with your logo.

Choose Your Imprint Options
Every product has varying logo imprint options and imprint areas. Please check an individual product page to view the imprint options/areas available for a specific model.

Choose Your Data Services (optional)
Consider adding value to your order with a preloaded catalog or slideshow presentation.
Choose Your Packaging (optional)
Whether you intend to give away your products or sell them, we have a packaging solution for your needs. Many of these options can be fully-customized. To determine what packaging options are compatible with the product you are ordering, please check individual product pages.

Choose Your Accessories (optional)
Keyrings, customizable lanyards, extensions cords and USB docking stations are just a few of the useful accessories we offer to complement and enhance your order. The less expensive items can often be included as a bonus with very large orders, so ask your sales representative about availability and special offers.
Request A Quote
Once you have browsed our website and have an idea what products and services you are interested in, you can proceed and request a quote. Quote requests will be responded to within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Request A Mockup
Once one of our sales representatives has contacted you with a quote, you may request to receive a mockup image of your graphics on any of our products. It is important that you follow the guidelines for submitting graphics (see Step 2 below) before e-mailing your graphics to a sales representative. Please provide us with any/all specifications you require when you submit your logo. The more details, the better!
● Step 2: Submitting Graphics
Proper submission of graphics helps ensure timely production of your order. We can’t accomplish much without first having production-ready graphics. Please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative for clarification of the these guidelines.

Imprint Areas
Individual product pages show the printable dimensions of our products but please keep in mind that these areas are not precise. They are meant to give you an approximate indication of how much space you have to work with. It is highly recommended that you stay within these boundaries, though sometimes we can work outside of them. Discuss this possibility with your sales representative if desired. If you do not specify size and/or imprint area on your purchase order, our artists will determine the appropriate size and placement based on your artwork and decorating method specified.

Submitting Vector Art
Two main types of graphic files exist on computers today: vector art and raster art. Nearly all orders require vector art for production.

* Raster Art (JPEG, GIF, BITMAP files)
Raster art is composed by displaying many different color squares on a larger rectangular grid to create an image. ‘Zooming in’ on raster art reveals these squares immediately. Most popular image formats are raster art files include: .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .psd, .psb, and others

* Vector Art (EPS, Adobe Illustrator, CAD files)
Vector art is composed using mathematical formulas to draw curves and lines, making it fit for precision printing. ‘Zooming in’ on vector art will reveal no loss of curve/edge quality. File types include: .eps, .ai, .pdf, .cad, .swf, and others

Important Note: All of the raster art file types listed are always 100% raster art, but vector art file-types can be comprised of a mix of raster and vector art. Consult your design department or our sales representative if you are not sure if your file is setup in vector format. If it is not, your may want to consider asking your design department to create a vector art file, though we are happy to do the vectorizing for you.

Identifying Your Pantone Colors
Before proceeding, note that process printing, laser engraving, and hot-stamping do not require a Pantone color to be identified.

* Color Consistency
Because of manufacturing differences and digital color profiles, colors can be tricky when viewed on computer monitors. For example, dark blue on one monitor might look like purple on another. Mockups alone cannot be trusted for accurate color representation. To help with consistency in print mediums, many organizations use the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS), a proprietary standard also used by most commercial printers.

* Pantone Solid-Coated Colors Required For Color Imprinting
We use Pantone Solid-Coated inks for printing all color and multi-color orders. If you already have these identified then you’re all set; just communicate them to your sales representative when submitting graphics. If you don’t already have specific colors but wish to choose them yourself, most professional graphic programs have the Pantone color palettes built-in, so you can select them there.

* Black And White Do Not Require Pantone Colors (Gray Still Does)
Black and white are the only colors which do not require Pantone matching. However, all shades of gray do require matching.
For best results, it is highly recommend that you use a Pantone Color Guide to choose the correct color. If you wish, we will choose Pantone Solid-Coated colors that match your given colors as closely as possible.
Important Note: All printed colors must be set to 100% opacity and fill. Different tones/fills of the same color are printed as separate colors and charged accordingly.

● Step 3: Processing Your Order
Be advised that we must receive full payment or an authorized Purchase Order, in addition to all preload and graphics files, before we will begin production of an order (including rush orders).

Turnaround Time
For standard turnaround time and available of rush service, please check individual product pages.

Important Note: Many factors can lengthen turnaround time: size and complexity of the order, submission of graphics, data services content, multiple products, customization options, etc. The general rule is that the simpler the order, the faster we can get it produced and delivered to you.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
Some of the customized merchandise we sell requires a minimum order quantity. MOQ are typical for orders that require extensive customization, custom colors, custom molding as well as products like Portable Media Players and Mice. Minimum order quantities may also exist for various products before customization. Please check with a sales representative to see if the product you're interested in has a MOQ. MOQ details are subject to change and are often not available via the website.

Order Changes
In the case that you find out that a last-minute change is needed, there is still a possibility that we can make a change following your original approval. Although we CANNOT promise that a last-minute alteration can be made. Depending on your order’s stage of production, we will try and accommodate any need for change that should arrive along the way. The earlier you let us know, the better.

Order Cancellations/Replacement/Warranty Info
Once your products have been printed, no further modifications or additions can be made to the graphics. Please make sure that you examine and proofread all the documents you submit to us before placing your order. No returns or refunds are offered on customized merchandise. Most of our products carry a three (3) year limited warranty and will be replaced if broken. Please check individual product pages for length of warranty.

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